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Our Story


Jim Gunn

Blake McGowan

Our Story

Southpass Design | Build was founded on life-long friendship, family living and the beauty that Texas has to offer – from

the Gulf Coast to the Texas Hill Country. 


Inspired by South Pass Lake, a prized Texas fishing locale that connects the unique attributes of two bays, so is the same

for life-long friends. After exploring different paths, the two stayed connected throughout the years thanks to a shared

passion for Texas and fishing. 


So the duo, a doctor and an architect, combined their design talents, business acumen, forensic analysis of the built

environment, and a whole lot of grit to start a design build company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.  With each

bringing unique experiences to the team, they deliver exceptional homes that seamlessly blend into the lives of each and

every Southpass client. 


This unassuming team brings a personality and individualized flavor to an industry that’s full of cookie-cutter developments.  Southpass Design | Build works hand-in-hand with clients to produce modern, well-planned, customized homes that are ideally suited for the quintessential Texas family and landscape. 


From highly custom to affordable homes, renovations or multifamily properties, the team relies on a client-driven,

collaborative process.  Maintaining ownership from the initial consultation through completion and beyond delivers clients’

peace of mind while ensuring total accountability for design, budget, and finished product.  Additionally, with roots

grounded in Texas and a passion for the landscape’s rugged beauty, Southpass homes are inspired by the latest in

energy-efficient, sustainable building practices.  


Now, what started as a brotherhood between two fishing buddies is the vehicle for bringing sophisticated homes to

residential neighborhoods across the Lone Star State.


Jim Gunn

Architect #21235; Interior Designer #12488

Jim is a Texas architect and interior designer with 23 years of practice; 18 of those years are as a small business owner specializing in custom, residential architecture. Regional, unique designs specific to the rugged beauty of the Texas Hill Country are hallmarks of his practice. He strives to intertwine light, natural materials, and innovative building techniques to create thoughtful designs influenced by Central and South Texas’ diverse cultures and heritage. He has successfully managed all facets of the practice of architecture through all phases of design and execution. Further, Jim has worked extensively with his father, an engineer, specializing in the forensic analysis of the built environment performing over 4,500 foundation investigations, water infiltration, construction defects, and environmental impacts on residential and commercial properties.

Blake McGowan

Blake is a physician by training, but he has spent a significant portion of his career active in the business of medicine. He was president of a multi-million dollar medical billing company and served on the board of directors for 9 years. He went on to cofound a financial planning firm that provides comprehensive financial planning services for physicians. He has held multiple securities and insurances licenses and has advised physicians on both personal and practice finances. Blake’s extensive experience with finance, management and leadership make him the ideal person to serve as Southpass Design | Build’s financial director.

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