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Tommy and Loren Peterson: When we first started our remodel, people would tell us to prepare to be miserable, prepare to be over budget and to forget about the project ending on time. Thankfully, they were wrong on all three counts. I attribute the success of our project to the careful attention we received from Gunn Design Group not just early in the design phase but also throughout the remodel. Jim and Tania met with us several times early on to understand what we wanted and to also understand what our family of six needed. They were not only responsive to our questions but were proactive in reaching out to make sure they knew exactly what we were looking for, even though we weren’t exactly sure. We loved the design when they first shared it with us and after having lived in our finished remodel for a year now, we are still happy to wake up and go get a cup of coffee in our gorgeous kitchen. We couldn’t have begun to imagine the design GDG presented us with. The new design took our downstairs from dark, closed and cramped to exactly what we knew we wanted- open and bright with a layout making sense. We also appreciated how Jim was available to help us with concerns and questions during the remodel to make sure our contractor delivered on our expecttions. We can’t wait for our next project with and highly recommend Gunn Design Group!


Peter and Cheryl Nielsen: When we purchased our house in 2016 it came with a very well used batting cage on a 15' X 60' slab located in our sloped backyard. Having no use for one, we dreamed of building some sort of entertainment structure on it. Gunn Design was partnered with Virtuoso builders whom we had hired to build our vision. Jim visited the property, listened to our ideas and sketched out our thoughts. It wasn't long before we fondly began calling it the Party Barn. We wanted to keep and view as much of the nearby natural landscape as possible, which was accomplished by installing 4 glass garage doors that made up a portion of the outer walls. Run off water from hard rains that would affect the structure dictated some of the design, as did placement of an outdoor grill area due to frequent strong Texas winds. It was important to us to repurpose kitchen cabinets and granite that were being removed from our home and Jim flawlessly incorporated them into the kitchenette. The opposite end of the slab was extended by a few feet to include a fireplace just off the outdoor patio seating area. Another extension to the side of the slab included a wood deck. At a later date, Jim designed an authentic looking and functioning outhouse near the Party Barn. We have received countless compliments on both structures. Jim was always professional, good humored and fun to work with and we would highly recommend him for your projects.


Kathy Brannon: I recently moved into my home that Jim designed especially for my lifestyle.  Jim encountered several challenges when designing this dwelling including the typography of a Texas hill country ridge that is 2,000 feet above sea level, designing a glass art studio that accommodates high temperature kilns, and accessible storage space for a senior. Throughout the design process, Jim met with me, and in real time, modified the design and dimensions of the space as we talked through actually living in the home.  The result was adding to spaces that required greater functionality such as the kiln room, oversized pantry and master bath and modifying spaces such as the main entry and garage entry into the home that didn’t require as much space. The result is a home that has defined spaces but is very open in flow and functionality.  The kitchen, dining and living spaces are very large and allow family and friends to engage in a way that fosters free flow among the spaces and encourages social interaction.  The master bedroom suite has a dedicated outdoor patio that overlooks a beautiful hill country canyon, an oversized shower, free standing bathtub and large closet that actually doubles as a small office.  The oversized pantry accommodates food, serving pieces, mixers, paper goods and pet supplies which frees up the kitchen storage for immediate needs without cluttering the counter top. The oversized garage allows for storage for everything such as Christmas décor, luggage, gardening tools and crafting overflow in addition to two vehicles.  The dedicated outdoor dining space is a lovely extension to the indoor dining area that allows for indoor/outdoor family gatherings. Although I made a few minor design changes as I began the construction process, the changes were easy to incorporate and were not cost prohibitive. I found Jim to be a designer who listens to his client’s needs and wants.  He easily works within his client’s budget requirements and is very flexible in modifying the design functionality and space requirements throughout the design process.  I would recommend Jim to anyone building their dream home.


Jason Waller: I have worked with Jim and Blake on multiple projects over the years from residential and multi-family developments to single-family spec homes. Most recently, he designed a two-story addition and extensive renovation to our one-story home. Jim is creative and truly enjoys the collaborative nature of home design and his expertise is extremely reassuring. His three-dimensional design process takes out the guesswork and is a game changer in understanding the intricacies associated with existing construction. I look forward to collaborating with Jim and Blake for years to come. 


Nate and Judy Shumway: When you decide to build your dream kitchen, you really can’t comprehend how much work goes into that type of a project (unless you are in that line of work). It is easy to pick appliances that you love, backsplashes that are trendy, and even narrow done your favorite paint color. What is most difficult is trying to take your existing kitchen space and trying to transform it in your mind to what you want it to be. Jim Gunn was hired as our architect and we had several very simple requests ; ). “Please make our kitchen larger, give us a giant island (even though there wasn’t any space), double our storage areas, make us a walk-in butler’s pantry, and oh yeah…please take our current kitchens odd angles and make it a traditional squared off room to maximize cabinet layouts.” Well, Jim did just that. He was able to see what we couldn’t. He listened, he took notes and he measured. He was able to give us several choices which he provided in online 3D layouts to review. The computer program he used was amazing and you could zoom in and rotate and truly imagine what your “dream” kitchen might really look like. Once our project was complete, we had our dream kitchen. My wife and I give Jim our highest recommendation for professionalism, quality of work, and friendliness. If you are considering any size renovation project and need a creative, intelligent and sincere partner to collaborate with, then Jim Gunn is your man.


Gail Hilton: We hit it off right away with Jim. He understood what I was trying to get across and put on paper, better than what I was envisioning. He is always willing to talk through my (crazy), somewhat confusing, ideas and come up with the concept. He is always professional and fun to work with. He has a lot of great ideas which made the plan come together. We love the plan and hope to get started later in 2017 building in Boerne Tx Hill Country. I hope he shares his plans on his website. The quality of his work is awesome!


Terry and Gayle Donahue: Jim Gunn is a joy to work with. While remaining professional, his kindness and charming personality are a pleasure. He is very patient and pays close attention to the customers desires and takes the extra time to communicate and answer any questions you might have. Even though his part in the design of our home is over, he remains available to answer any future questions that might arise during the build.


John King: Patient, Creative & Responsive. Working with Jim has been a real pleasure. He was able to turn our conflicting (what he wants vs. what she wanted) statements into a GREAT floor plan that we're both really excited to build now.


Thank You!

Of course we love the praise and our clients' perspectives on our practice. We value your opinions and utilize the feedback to make sure we stay firmly planted in our professional, innovative, and collaborative creed.

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