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Home Building San Antonio
Home Building San Antonio

It's hard to understand architects and construction drawings. We get it. Traditional 2D CAD is laborious, boring, and painful to understand. How do you get excited about your new home when the "blueprints" are a mess of lines that require a rosetta stone to deceipher?


3D design levels the playing field for the client. You can immerse yourself in the home where it actually makes sense. Major elements of the home are modeled. You get to see cabinetry, fixtures, finishes, materials, ceiling heights, and specialty items.


Over the years, we've tried it all. For residential design, the Sketchup platform gives us the freedom to visualize how the project will actually look and function in a simple and intuitive package. Our workflow is seamless from conceptual presentations to finalized construction documents all inside the Sketchup and Layout world.


One of the benefits to this software is the ability to communicate with the client anywhere in the world. We can load the model onto Dropbox and send a link. Don't worry. This is a copy of a copy. You can't blow it up or hurt it. We've created an easy to follow navigational download for your use. We'll walk you through it, as well. You may find yourself upside down or inside a wall. There is an easy get-out-of-jail-free button that we set up along with predefined views that puts everything back together. We've communicated with clients remotely utilizing their process for years and find it incredibly beneficial. You can view the model at your leisure without the pressure of us looking over your shoulder as you generate questions for us. For the savvy ones, you can even paint materials and change the colors!

The SketchUp for Web link will take you to Sketchup's website where you can create a free account.

SktechUp Basics is our navigational instructions cheat-sheet that we created to aid in viewing the model.

Elevation rendering attached and detached multi-family
Multifamily units 3D massing model concept

Sketchup Basics

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