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We've moved through the design phase with you squarely in the driver's seat. The construction documents have been approved, the bids are in, and it's time to roll up our sleeves and let the dirt fly...literally. With the necessary permits in hand and approval from your homeowner's association, we will commence construction together. The benefits of the streamlined custom residential, architect-driven, design build process allows us to build your home with minimal surprises or costly change orders. 


You are encouraged to visit the site as often as you wish. We strive to maintain a safe and clean construction site. There are, however, all manor of unseen hazards on-site and your safety and that of our subcontractors is of paramount concern to us. Please maintain a safe distance from active construction unless we are on site to walk you through the home. To minimize any unnecessary confusion with the subcontractors, allow all contact regarding your home to flow through us should you see something amiss. We will address your concerns immediately. This also allows us to keep any unnecessary cost changes from occurring.

The Build Phase generally consists of the following stages:


Site Works: We'll discuss which trees are required to stay and which are in harms way. We'll identify the best route for the driveway and most importantly the home site and best orientation. The identified site will be cleared and scraped in preparation for the foundation. Large stones will be set aside and topsoil will be retained. A survey crew will locate either the four corners or the slab in it's integrity. Batter boards are erected along with rough plumbing and rough electrical. The porta-potty and dumpster are dropped in preparation for the frame package arrival.


Slab Down: The foundation is bagged and filled. Rebar is tied. We steer clear of post-tensioned slabs and will gladly discuss the benefits of a traditional foundation. The concrete is poured and allowed to strengthen.


Selects: We put this phase early in the build process to allow plenty of time for clients to think about their choices and revisit them, if necessary. This can feel a bit overwhelming, so we encourage clients to lean on our experience and guidelines to help simplify the process and avoid the dreaded "paralysis by analysis" lockup that can come from a seemingly endless array of fixtures, materials and finishes. This is also were we have the opportunity to help clients set good boundaries. It is easy to get carried away in this stage and blow the budget out of the water. Part of our job is to protect the clients from themselves at this point. We will say "no" if needed to help you distinguish between wants and needs. (It's not as bad as it sounds!)  


Plate High: The phase is reached when all of the walls have been built. The house begins to take shape. Rooms take on dimension. Plumbing lines will be visible in the framed walls. We photograph and document everything along the way. We've found it necessary to look back on where something is located once drywall is installed. We can't see through walls except at this phase. 


Roof Completion | Dry In: A major milestone in the building process, the home now becomes protected from the elements and work can begin on the inside in earnest.


Lock Up: Exterior doors and windows have been installed. Whether permanent or construction doors, the home can now be secured. We will protect our collective assets by restricting and monitoring the home at all times. Of course, clients will always have the ability to get inside their home.


Interior Details: Wall texture, paint, interior finishes, electrical and plumbing fixtures, floor coverings, tile work, interior doors, base boards, shelving, bathroom fixtures, window trim and door trim are installed. 

Practical Completion: Attention to detail is critical as we enter the final stages of construction. We will walk the home with you and determine a punch list of outstanding items that may need to be addressed inside best practices.

Handoff: This is the day you've been waiting for! We'll give you the new set of keys, garage openers or codes, appliance manuals, and getting started instructions for your brand-new home. We will execute a personal and thorough final walk through with you and get out of your hair so you can relax and enjoy your first day in your new home.

I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build - Ayn Rand

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