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Agriculture architecture Texas Flag on barn side

Texas Regionalism

Defining Texas Regionalism is not a singular characteristic or culture. It is a style embodying multiple layers that create the Texas identity highlighting the diversity and grandness that comprises our State. From sleek modernism to the Texas pioneer house, the agrarian and industrial, yet refined and independent forms are evocative of a gritty Texas sophisticated style reflective of modern living utilizing local materials and design techniques providing attractive, environmentally friendly, functional designs that work in concert with our rugged environment. This Texas vernacular is informed from the Spanish Missions to the ubiquitous barns and silos dotting back country roads. The Texas-centric style is informed through the home’s relationship with its site, bathed in natural light, and warmed through the use of indigenous stone, wood, stucco and metal.

"Well, ways always change. They never stay the same, even when they're very good ways, very beautiful, like that house, you know. They stopped building like that, but then maybe somebody else does it, in another time, another place..." - Ursula K. Le Guin Time and the City

Long Mott Grain Silo in decay
Texas regional architecture stair tower
Home Building San Antonio
Home Building San Antonio
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