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The home should be the treasure chest of living - Le Corbusier

Steadfast Commitment

Once you've had a little time to settle into your new home, we make sure you know that we're only a phone call away. Our relationship does not end with the key handoff. We will follow up with you to verify that everything goes smoothly in your new home. From helping establish good maintenance practices to putting you in touch with the subcontractors that will aid in maintaining your home, we are committed to staying in your corner. We will also explain our 1-2-10 Home Warranty provided by StrucSure, which lays out our commitment to your satisfaction. We strive to build relationships that can last a lifetime. We will always respond to questions, concerns, or invitations to come visit. 

Our Steadfast Commitment to you:


Maintenance: We'll discuss which trees are required to stay and which are in harms way. We'll identify the best route for the driveway and most importantly the home site and best orientation. The identified site will be cleared and scraped in preparation for the foundation. Large stones will be set aside and topsoil will be retained. A survey crew will locate either the four corners or the slab in it's integrity. Batter boards are erected along with rough plumbing and rough electrical. The porta-potty and dumpster are dropped in preparation for the frame package arrival.


Warranty: The foundation is bagged and filled. Rebar is tied. We steer clear of post-tensioned slabs and will gladly discuss the benefits of a traditional foundation. The concrete is poured and allowed to strengthen.


Accessibility: We put this phase early in the build process to allow plenty of time for clients to think about their choices and revisit them, if necessary. This can feel a bit overwhelming, so we encourage clients to lean on our experience and guidelines to help simplify the process and avoid the dreaded "paralysis by analysis" lockup that can come from a seemingly endless array of fixtures, materials and finishes. This is also were we have the opportunity to help clients set good boundaries. It is easy to get carried away in this stage and blow the budget out of the water. Part of our job is to protect the clients from themselves at this point. We will say "no" if needed to help you distinguish between wants and needs. (It's not as bad as it sounds!)  

1-2-10 Warranty*

This multi-party warranty program includes the following coverages:


One-Year Warranty: This provides surety coverage and backs the builder's warranty on defects in workmanship and materials. Covered components of a home that do not meet established Performance Standards during the first year will be repaired, or paid for under our warranty in the event the builder defaults as provided in the StrucSure Home Warranty (surety coverage).


Two-Year Warranty: This provides surety coverage and backs the builder's warranty on defects in the wiring, piping, and ductwork in the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating, and mechanical systems. Covered components of a home that do not meet the established Performance Standards during the first two years will be repaired, replaced, or paid for under StrucSure's warranty in the event the builder is unwilling or unable to do so.


Ten-Year Structural Warranty: This provides direct coverage from the day of closing for major structural defects. If a major structural defect occurs within the 10-year warranty term, it will be repaired, replaced, or paid for by StrucSure Home Warranty.

*Reproduced in part from StrucSure's website. Please click on StrucSure's icon below to be directed to their website for additional information or to speak with a representative.

StrucSure Builder Home Warranty
Home Building San Antonio
Home Building San Antonio
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