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Sustainable Architecture

Simply stated, we must be better stewards of our environment. Applying the principles of sustainable design to your home safeguards air, water, and earth in selecting the appropriate building materials and best practices in residential construction. We are challenged to exceed merely building to code in seeking to improve overall building performance and minimize life-cycle environmental impact and cost. Whether through active or passive strategies, integrating renewable energy systems, selecting sustainable materials and finishes, providing appropriate shading along with optimizing breezes, incorporating native landscaping and practicing sound water management strategies, we seek to minimize our impact on the natural environment and create a sense of place connected directly to our site in a meaningful way.

"Mother rain, manifold, measureless, falling on fallow, on

field and forest, on house-roof, low hovel, high tower, downwelling waters all-washing, wider than cities, softer than sisterhood, vaster than countrysides, calming, recalling: should in your ceaseless descent to fall, to be fellow, to feel to the root, to sink in, to heal, to sweeten the sea." - Ursula K. Le Guin To The Rain

Sun shining on Texas bluebonnets
New Home Construction San Antonio
Rainwater harvesting from roof
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