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Bee Cave Renovation

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10_After 223 Bee Cave.jpeg
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A dark and awkward kitchen coupled with a hot solarium dominated this residence with low furred down ceilings and little connection between the two spaces. Working with longtime neighborhood friends is a daunting task but this wonderful couple trusted our guidance and expertise to change their generational home. Bright and airy was the primary motivational mantra. The resulting kitchen redesign dramatically changed their ability to congregate as a family while joining two disparate rooms that were greatly used but lacked a fluid connectivity. The enlarged pantry space alone keeps this busy family stocked. The large island functions as the primary gathering space. The secondary island is prep and homework central. The kitchen and sun room are now open to one another and bathed in sunlight while maintaining better climate control and function.

11_After 223 Bee Cave.jpeg
12_After 223 Bee Cave.jpeg
Existing home condition before design


Existing dark living room and closed kitchen


Home Building San Antonio
Home Building San Antonio
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