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Custom Architectural Designs

1_29 High Tower.png
7_44 High Point.png
8_44 High Point.png
11_39 Falling Water.png
12_39 Falling Water.png
15_79 High Point.png
16_5 Springs.png
17_5 Springs.png
18_5 Springs.png
19_740 Hideaway.png
20_1843 Mount Joy.png
25_12 Ranch Brook.png
26_70 Briddlegate.png
31_9 Tierra Vista.png
32_35 Preston.png
21_204 Preston.png
22_204 Preston.png
23_204 Preston.png
24_204 Preston.png
13_1637 Kerrville.png
14_1637 Kerrville.png
9_62 Bandera Hills.png
10_62 Bandera Hills.png
30_15 Sky Vista.png
29_15 Sky Vista.png
5_44 Heights.png
2_44 Heights.png
3_44 Heights.png
4_44 Heights.png
6_784 Terrell.png
27_70 Briddlegate.png
28_70 Briddlegate.png


These case studies are an exploration of client-driven designs either in form, function, or materiality spanning 16 years of architectural practice. They are a sample representation of our stylistic expertise with custom clients. We know the rules for the intended aesthetic…but, more importantly, we know when to break them. Whether Tuscan, Mediterranean, Hill Country, Farmhouse, Modern, etc. in design, these creations were client-specific focusing on lot characteristics, material selections, form studies, and aesthetic requests.

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