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San Isidro Casita

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The homeowners’ challenge centered around a former 15’ by 60’ concrete slab previously used as a batting cage. This entertaining respite was a natural extension of its unique site and trusting clients. Four large glass garage doors allow the interior space to breath on tranquil days or to protect the revelers on one of Texas’ brief but cold winter spells. A covered, but open sided patio with stone fireplace is adjacent to the interior space. An added side patio with trellis shade structure offers another entertaining option. Finally, the central space and vocal point is replete with a cowboy cauldron in open air and in perfect harmony with Texas’ bright skies and starry nights. The covered outdoor kitchen is within easy access to the fire pit for campfire cooking. Reclaimed wood warms the underside of the standing seam metal roof.

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Home Building San Antonio
Home Building San Antonio
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